PC Dynamix specialized IT Support for Insurance Agencies and Brokers provides velocity for the growth initiatives in your business, offering strategy and support for regulatory compliance from an infrastructure standpoint.

Independent Insurance Agencies and Brokers are facing increased pressure to produce quickly and to provide more value to clients than their competition while also having to respond to ever-changing industry regulations and requirements. PC Dynamix specialized IT Support for Insurance Agencies offers the expertise needed to address these regulatory issues and leverage IT resources to achieve your agency’s short and long-term goals.

PC Dynamix infrastructure experts can come alongside your team to be a knowledgeable partner providing guidance, solutions, and support on specific IT challenges faced by insurance agencies and brokerage firms.

Organizations such as your State Department of Insurance, FINRA, and the SEC have issued guidance about logging access to data, defending an agency’s network from cyber-liability, reporting on intrusion attempts, and developing plans for disaster response. Our team has carefully considered these issues as we have developed an outsourced IT solution for independent insurance agencies. We look beyond the technology and take into account CSR processes as well as the workflows for producers, marketing, accounting, and account managers. This is exactly why PC Dynamix is a true industry partner, highly engaged in the daily operational activities of our insurance agency clients.

All of our clients enjoy our four major services – Unlimited IT support, regular IT strategy sessions, IT security maintenance, and IT strengthening through our best practice implementations. However, our best practice implementations team has developed best practices, strategies, and security measures specifically to serve independent insurance agencies.

We’d love to share more with you about our specialized IT Support for Insurance Agencies and what we’ve learned in serving the independent insurance agency and brokerage industry.


After FINRA develops its examination procedures to assess broker-dealers’ approaches to cybersecurity, they’ve noted the importance of:

  • data loss prevention
  • controls surrounding passwords
  • data encryption
  • storing data in a Write Once Read Many (WORM) format pursuant to SEA Rule 17a-4(f),
  • the firm’s overall understanding of their data.

Our managed security services provide broker-dealer firms the tools they need to protect client propriety information and fully comply with the guidance set out by FINRA.

Our managed security services provide broker-dealer and other financial firms the tools they need to protect client propriety information.