In a time when Engineering and Architecture firms are expected to produce more with fewer resources in less time, having a strategic IT partner is crucial.

PC Dynamix specialized IT Support for Engineering and Architectural Firms offers the expertise necessary to address IT issues and leverage IT resources to achieve your firm’s short and long-term goals.

For engineering and architectural firms, being on the cutting edge of innovation is vital to industry success. We help by providing a reliable, scalable IT infrastructure and solid strategy when it comes to choosing the very best software tools to keep your firm ahead of the competition. Often, with extremely large file sizes and horsepower-intense software, engineering firms are at the mercy of their computers and their business network. PC Dynamix IT solutions tailored to those needs such as on-site storage hardware, a fast-internal network with built in security measures, and an IT support team that understands the demands of an engineering or architectural firm.

PC Dynamix provides a solid IT infrastructure to engineering and architectural firms which supports the unique specifications that firms require in order to deliver results to their clients. We work with engineering and architectural firms to monitor their networks 24/7, proactively manage system performance and security, and provide recommendations on systems updates to ensure business continuity.

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