Why PC Dynamix?

Why choose PC Dynamix?

Here’s everything we do that our competition doesn’t or won’t.

We (the techs) answer our phones all day, everyday

When you call us, you get help. You don’t get a receptionist, you don’t reach an outsourced help desk, you don’t hear from a salesperson, you’ll talk with one of us.

We work as a team, not individual technicians

Working with us, you’ll get the attention of our entire team. Not one tech, who will inevitably go on vacation and take sick days. Our team will understand your network.

We are young and we are fast

Any computer problem is a nuisance; our team responds quickly and moves quickly. You’ll never find yourself waiting on a callback or waiting for a tech to show up.

We quote a project and we bill that exact amount

When you work with us on a project, you’ll receive a detailed quote. If the project takes an extra few hours, you’ll still get a bill matching our quote.

We take care of security and backups

When we setup a server, a network, a backup; we take precautions. You won’t find lazy passwords, insecure networks, or single backups with us. You’re safe.

We invoice clearly, fairly, and affordably

Your invoice will detail any work completed, so you know what you are paying for. We don’t bill for 10 minute phone calls. Our rates are middle of the road and affordable.

We aren’t scared of change and neither should you be

When it comes to technology, you don’t want to get behind the curve. Yet some support companies will leave you in the dark, costing you more later on. We use technology to improve your business and help you every step of the way.

We offer “freebies” to our clients

If necessary, we’ll loan you a server. We buy you a firewall and security software. We provide new backup hard drives each year.