Network Security

sophosPC Dynamix is well aware of the increasing threats to business systems that accompany advances in technology. As new technologies become available, it seems new issues also appear to hamper or impede network operations. Some of these impediments can be devastating to the successful operation of a business.

PC Dynamix professionals keep informed about new security risks and work tirelessly to prevent security threats like hackers, viruses, and rogue employees from impacting your business systems.

PC Dynamix provides manageable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions designed to meet your specific security needs. We begin by working with you to identify your assets that need protection. We then perform internal and external vulnerability assessments to determine how secure your network and your important assets are, and what should be done to improve the level of security. We help you define and determine security policies, assist in their implementation, and provide ongoing assistance to address emerging threats.

Sophos Security Heartbeat

Synchronized Security

By automating threat discovery, investigation, and response, Synchronized Security revolutionizes threat detection. Incident response times are reduced exponentially and tactical resources can be refocused on strategic analysis.

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``We consider Sophos XG appliances and Sophos Heartbeat software to be a significant innovation that can raise security performance standards for medium-sized organizations`` 451 Research

How to Get Synchronized Security

Ready to join the revolution? The Security Heartbeat is fully enabled and included as part of the Sophos XG Firewall/UTM and Sophos Cloud-managed endpoint protection.