Computer Repairs


If you don’t know why your computer is broken, leave it to us. We’ll run through a comprehensive diagnostic process to tell you exactly what’s wrong and how much it’ll cost to fix it.

Software Repairs

  • Virus Removal
  • Program Installations
  • Operating System Repair
  • System Optimization
  • Training/Tutorials
  • Recommendations

Hardware Repairs

  • Broken Screens (LCDs)
  • Broken Hinges
  • Failing Hard Drives
  • Bad Memory
  • Fan Problems
  • Overheating Issues


Have the perfect system built for you. We can hand-pick hardware, design and build a custom system tailored around your budget and needs. Whether a system that can run the latest games at the highest fps, a home media center, or a personal workstation – our custom systems are thoughtful and built to last.



We can fix your laptop. Whether it’s a Macbook or ultrabook, a broken hinge or screen, a slow computer or one that just doesn’t turn on. Leave it to us to find the best solution for you. Services we offer.

5635921_origSCREEN  REPAIRS

Does your screen look messed up? It could be a damaged LCD, bad LCD cable/connector, or a failed video chip. We can figure out the issue for you.


Never ending pop-ups? Computer getting barraged by infectious programs?
We can exterminate viruses and eradicate malware. Leave it to us to do a comprehensive job.

We charge $75 for virus removal no matter how malicious the virus is and how long it takes us to get the job done. Some viruses can corrupt your system files completely as well as take days to remove. Don’t take any chances, and put your infected computer in good hands with PC Dynamix.