Server & Network Management

What Is It and Why Should I Care?

Studies from big research and industry associations like Gartner and CompTIA have shown that the average small to medium-sized businesses lose thousands of dollars a year to network downtime. When servers that house critical data and applications go down, the entire organizations suffers.

If your servers are the brain of the IT infrastructure, then the network is the rest of the central nervous system. It does not matter how well your servers are running if there are problems on the network. Poor network performance reduces productivity and angers employees.
PC Dynamix delivers proactive managed services that keep your servers and network up and running at optimal efficiency, with superior performance, security, and reliability — all at an affordable price.

Here's why server and network management is important for your business:

Lowers Costs

Downtime and maintenance costs can really add up. For one predictable, monthly-fee, we reduce downtime and boost business continuity to lower operating costs while maximizing your ROI.

Monitors 24/7

Your servers and network don’t sleep, and when it comes to monitoring your technology, we don’t either. We proactively guard your systems to minimize downtime, quickly resolve issues and boost productivity.

Leverages Uptime

Whether it’s temporary or extended, downtime is not only costly — it’s frustrating. We close the gaps in your security and update patches to keep your systems protected and diminish downtime.

Enhances Security

Keeping your servers and network running at peak performance requires a boost in your security. We implement a multi-layer approach to keep your organization safe from all angles.

How You Benefit from Server & Network Management

When you are no longer buried in the daily management of your infrastructure, you can do more for your business. Our detailed reporting can help you make more strategic decisions on your environment. Knowing there are potential problems before they arise takes the guesswork out of the process.

PC Dynamix optimizes your environment while proactively addressing issues so that your systems run at peak performance. Moving the management of your key systems to us can offer lower your costs and improve uptime and availability.

While we are at it, we also offer services for the rest of your environment, including Data Security Management, Email Management, and Business Continuity.

Contact our IT experts at PC Dynamix for a free consultation on how we can augment or assist with the management of your technology!

Our Support doesn't end there

Help Desk

Our help desk support is standing by to answer any questions or resolve any issues you might encounter. Our People-Friendly philosophy ensures technology expertise, provided by a real person, is available when you need it most.

Remote & Onsite Support

All our OpenCare plans include unlimited remote support, where we can share your PC over the internet. If a problem requires on-site attention, we’ll dispatch one of our People-Friendly technicians to resolve it as quickly as possible.

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