There's a new standard for business email

This old standard doesn’t support the way business is done today. To meet users’ basic requirements, businesses these days require 24/7 email uptime, complete mobile freedom, a half-dozen adjacent technologies, and protection against unprecedented levels of threat.

This is why email is moving to the cloud: a cloud email provider can offer far more functionality, reliability and protection than you could affordably deliver on-premises.

But not all clouds are created equal. Office 365 is the best example: while it does address the shortcomings of the old on-premises server and meets the needs of the most cost-sensitive businesses, it doesn’t address the requirements of the New Standard.


for business email

It’s clear. While the technology behind email hasn’t changed much in the last decade, the ecosystem and infrastructure required by businesses to leverage email safely and completely has evolved dramatically.

There’s a new standard for business email. And let’s underscore the word “standard”: it means that at a minimum your business needs to have every single one of these elements.

Exchange E-Mail

Cloud-based Microsoft Exchange business email from the best independent provider.

  • 99.999% uptime SLA
  • Unlimited email storage
  • Facilitates compliance with HIPAA and other regulations
  • Lower TCO as compared to on-premises Exchange
  • Our People-Friendly support + free migration performed by our experts

Exchange Features

Productivity features

Microsoft Exchange’s productivity features include calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, public folders and more.

Calendar features of Exchange Email

Share and sync your organization’s calendars

  • See your coworkers’ availability
  • Share your availability with your coworkers
  • Easily organize large meetings without multiple rounds of back-and-forth
  • Authorize assistants or other team members to manage your calendar

Manage your own schedule

  • Schedule meetings or appointments with others
  • Create one-time only or recurring events
  • Set reminders so you never miss a meeting
  • View your tasks for the day
  • Organize your events by color-coded categories
  • Search your calendars to find a past or future event
  • And much more

Contacts features of Exchange Email

Exchange contacts let you manage the contact information of individuals or groups with whom you interact. It lets you:

Share and sync your organization’s contacts

  • Sync your contact list with your business’s Global Address List
  • Receive new contact information automatically, as it becomes available
  • Sync contacts lists with other coworkers to easily collaborate with customers and partners
  • Create contact groups and distribution lists to easily communicate with many people
  • Forward contact information to others with just one click
  • Flag contacts as ‘private’ so they aren’t shared across your organization

Manage your own contacts

  • View contacts from multiple address books in a single pane
  • Add detailed information for all of your contacts
  • Add notes about individual contacts to remember your history with them
  • Open up a web-based map to a contact’s location with one click
  • And more

Other Exchange features


Exchange lets you create to-do lists with tasks that you can assign to others and share with teams or individuals.


You can use notes to keep track of your thoughts. With Exchange powering your email, your notes are actually stored in the cloud so you can view and edit them on all your devices.

Resource Mailboxes

A Resource Mailbox represents a shared company asset, such as a conference room or a portable projector. They let you easily manage scheduling and sharing using your Outlook calendar. This makes it simple to see if a room or some equipment you need is available when you need it.

Public Folders

Public Folders create a repository for shared files and documents within Outlook. Administrators can assign access to specific users or groups, which helps teams and departments easily access knowledge and collaborate on documents.

Integration with Salesforce

No more switching between Outlook and Salesforce throughout the day. Enjoy improved productivity with two-way integration of your emails, leads, contacts and calendar between Outlook and Salesforce. Start saving time now! Salesforce integration is available at no additional cost to new and existing customers.

Mobility features

On most devices, it’s simple to set up your email, calendars, and contacts. You don’t need to call your IT team or type in confusing server information. Instead, you just create a new account and your device sets up and syncs.

Sync your data across all your devices

Intermedia’s Exchange Email includes ActiveSync technology at no additional charge. ActiveSync ensures that virtually no matter which device you use or what activities you perform, your email, calendars, and contacts are in sync and up-to-date.

Get remote wipe capabilities and other protection features

What happens if a user’s device is lost or stolen? With Exchange Email, an administrator can remotely remove critical company data, or even deactivate the device’s ability to receive company email. You can also enforce account- or user-specific security policies, including enforced passcodes.

Access Outlook from any web browser

With the Outlook Web App, you get a full-featured, web-based version of Outlook. It provides the Outlook experience for email, calendars, and contacts without requiring a download. Your changes are synced.

With Exchange 2013, OWA is optimized for a touchscreen experience plus offline access.

BlackBerry® hosting is available

With BlackBerry hosting, you get two-way, real-time synchronization of your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks between your BlackBerry and your Intermedia Exchange Email service, with no additional hardware or software to purchase.

Unlimited storage

One of the biggest challenges of any email infrastructure is capacity planning. It’s very challenging for organizations to forecast their growth in order to plan for future storage needs. In an on-premises environment, this creates headaches for operations and procurement. But it’s also a challenge presented by cloud providers that limit the size of user inboxes. It forces you to make a tough choice: do you provision mailboxes conservatively, which will save money but handicap your power users? Or do you spend money to enable your edge users, knowing that you’re paying more for the average user than you have to?

PC Dynamix Exchange Email eliminates this conundrum by offering unlimited storage. Users never have to worry about the size of their inboxes. Instead, they can use their email as a versatile tool that adapts to their individual preference and style, free of any constraints.


Exchange Email and other Intermedia services are designed to meet many privacy and security requirements. One example is for Protected Health Information (PHI). Our policies, procedures, technologies and services are audited by an independent party to validate conformance with HIPAA privacy and security requirements, and Intermedia will execute a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with Covered Entities.

If you choose our Compliance and Security Plan, you receive high-security email, file sharing and web application security tools. Everything you need to succeed in today’s regulatory environment from encrypting sensitive correspondence, proposals and research to collaborating on due diligence with private room access controls for documents. All available to your team whether they’re in the office or on the road, with full support for mobile devices.

Company disclaimer

As legal and compliance risks grow, PC Dynamix Company Disclaimer add-on is an effective way to help enforce a company-wide email policy. It helps ensure all your outgoing emails conform to your legal and corporate policies by letting you append information to email sent outside of your own business.
Company Disclaimer is managed through your client portal, the same control panel you use to manage all your PC Dynamix services. It’s simple to deploy, maintain and update.

Flexible options and styling

You can easily edit and format your disclaimer. This includes choice of font, color, size and additional formatting options. You can also add Active Directory user attributes such as Display Name, First Name, Last Name, Department, Company and more.

Non-changeable by end-users

To facilitate compliance with policies, individual end users do not have the option to edit or remove the disclaimer from their emails. Company Disclaimer can be added to any Exchange Email plan for $24.99/account.

30+ integrated services

Email is just the start: There are a number of IT services that you need simply to do business. As the foundation of PC Dynamix OfficeAnywhere, Exchange Email lets you integrate all these essential services from a single provider. We manage integration, security and mobility so your users and admins stay focused on business.

When you get your IT from a single source, you create significant efficiencies. Choose OfficeAnywhere to free your admins from endlessly logging into and out of control panels all day long—and give them the freedom to focus on what really matters.

Why Choose PC Dynamix for Your Exchange E-Mail?

Your data is private and protected in our secure, SOC 2-audited cloud.

Every PC Dynamix service offers a 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement.

If you have questions, our People-Friendly support are here to answer them.

PC Dynamix services help you maintain regulatory compliance.

Want to see more exciting ways we can help your team communicate?

VoIP Solutions

Business communications have expanded far beyond the ubiquitous desk phone. While still important and useful, desk phones are just one of many conduits by which we share, confirm and accept information – in other words, do business.

With a unified communications platform from PC Dynamix, you can count on reliability, remarkable flexibility and end-user empowerment.  Loud and clear.

xConnect Features:

  • Place and receive calls on your desk phone, mobile phone, or computer using your business line identity.
  • See if your contacts are available for communication.
  • Enterprise Quality Features such as Auto Attendants, Call Center, Ring Groups, Music/Commercials on Hold, and much, much more.
  • Save as much as 60% off your current monthly communication bill
Online Meetings


HD Video Broadcasting, Screen Sharing, Slides, MP4 Sharing, Recording, Registrations, Surveys and much more.
Your search is over.

  • 720p HD Video Conferencing with up to 12 participants on webcam
  • Easy to use through your web browser, desktop or mobile
  • Unlimited meetings and unique meeting link per user
  • Screen and application sharing for increased collaboration
  • Integrated phone conferencing
Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has quickly become the go-to choice for businesses looking to move to the cloud, and with good reason. It combines familiar Office tools with the flexibility and mobility businesses demand—meaning you can work more collaboratively, on virtually any device and from anywhere.

Office 365 Features:

  • Collaborate more easily with access to email, calendar, files and Office applications from any device, on the road, at home or at the office.
  • Always enjoy access to the latest versions, feature releases and security updates of Microsoft Office, Outlook, SharePoint, and more.
  • Work and share files confidently with built-in, customizable security and privacy controls that help keep your critical data safe.

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