Virtualization for Reliable, Secure Services

Virtualization makes your infrastructure simpler, more efficient and more reliable. PC Dynamix has virtualized servers, storage and desktops for many customers who want to:

    • Eliminate hardware
    • Reduce datacenter space
    • Cut power bills
    • Create high availability uptime
    • Better manage their IT assets

Knowing that failure is highly preventable, like the airlines we take special steps to ensure redundancy, backup systems, and failover migration where appropriate. We can help you make these assessments, and then implement the most cost-effective way to ensure business continuity.



All of us like to think we use more than 10% of our brain. But, most physical servers barely use up to 15% of their capacity, and often times, it is closer to 5%. Don’t you want your business systems to work harder for you? PC Dynamix implements a virtualized server and cloud computing approach. Hardware utilization increases because one physical server now holds multiple virtual machines. Applications no longer need their own server. That’s a big reduction in hardware and software costs, and a formidable boost in brain power for your business.


With fewer physical servers on hand, there’s less to maintain and manage. This leaves PC Dynamix and your team more time for more productive tasks. You can now drive new business initiatives, cut expenses and raising revenue.


With PC Dynamix migrating physical servers to virtual machines, you consolidate the farm. The result is cooling and power costs are significantly reduced. Not only are you “going green,” but you’re also putting more green in your budget to spend elsewhere. Surveys say that server consolidation reduces energy costs by up to 80%. Another plus is the ability to power down servers without affecting applications or users.


PC Dynamix quickly and securely moves virtual machines from one server to another. Backing up your critical data is done swiftly and effectively. It’s because of the effortlessness of creating a replication site. We deliver platforms with software to automate failover during a disaster. It also allows you to test a disaster recovery failover. It’s your data’s own fire escape plan. If a disaster happens, your infrastructure takes the proper measures for a safe and speedy rescue. Try doing that with a bunch of physical servers. Now, that can be a real disaster.


PC Dynamix enables system provisioning and deployment within minutes. There’s no more spending hours and lots of dollars putting in place a new physical server. Once we lead you to a virtual setting, you will never again cringe at filling out purchase orders, waiting for servers to arrive, then waiting for operating systems and applications to finish installing. Fewer servers means less racks and cables. By saving all that time and money, you get to harness the explosion of data resources needed to keep pace with your competitors.

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