Move Your Desktop to the Cloud

Virtual WorkSpaces is the world’s fastest cloud desktop that allows businesses to securely access data, applications, documents and other resources from anywhere on any device via a web browser.

Convert Desktop Apps to the Cloud. Software Vendors can host their desktop applications on the PC Dynamix Cloud and stream it directly to end users’ web browser –Virtual Workspaces can make any commercial or custom desktop app appear as a native and seamless cloud app.

How It Works

We securely host your Cloud Desktop and Business Applications, so they are always optimal and accessible on any device from anywhere around the world. Everything is automatically backed-up every day, and you have full admin control.

Virtual WorkSpaces are not another Desktop as a Service Offering; it is your entire IT in the cloud completely managed and live-monitored by a team of top-tier professionals.

Key Features


You have total administrator access to manage your Virtual WorkSpace, and you can install anything.


You can add up to 250 concurrent users per Virtual WorkSpace with a configurable access level.

SHARE FILES (drag & drop)

Install your own business applications, share files between users, transfer files from local machine to the VM and vice versa.


Add remote applications to the Cloud Desktop and select which remote applications your users will have access to.


Users can connect securely to their Cloud Desktop session from their web browser (no plugin required) or install a small client on their computer (Mac & Windows).

Five Reasons to Switch to Virtual Workspaces


You don’t need specialized training to be able to set up your Virtual WorkSpace. The dashboard is very straightforward to navigate that you don’t need an IT degree to get going. Every step from selecting your data center location to placing the order takes a total of 5 minutes to complete. That’s a fraction of your coffee break. Here is why it has the most straightforward setup:

  • Includes Unified Management for All Endpoints (Virtual Machines) via a simplified dashboard. This gives you the ability to install custom apps and set access restrictions to users on the Virtual Machine.
  • Spin up a Virtual Desktop within 5 minutes without any human interaction and view your Cloud desktop screen in your web browser within minutes. This is the fastest way to set up a desktop environment for a consultant, new hire or agents without disrupting your regular work.
  • Virtual WorkSpaces includes multiple templates, plus you can create your own so it is much easier to clone configurations for new users, reducing your setup time and accelerating delivery to your team or clients.


Most systems admin describe Virtual Workspaces apps and desktop delivery as the smoothest they have experienced because of some admin friendly features like user profile management, Apps usage stats & analytics, apps access restriction, ability to install custom apps, simple network configuration, plus a UNIQUE Web Connect that delivers desktop to end users via their web browser. Unlike other vendors, Virtual WorkSpaces doesn’t insist you install a plugin to view your desktop. Let’s break down the features:

  • Unlike other systems, Virtual WorkSpaces does not need a VPN to connect (saving you the complication and cost). Plus, you get unmetered Internet, unlimited usage, and bandwidth for the best high-performance Cloud Desktop with the industry’s lowest latency. Your Internet speed on the Virtual WorkSpaces is jaw-droppingly fast (up to 4-10x faster than alternatives).
  • You can add up to 250 users on one virtual desktop with every user having a private and persistent desktop experience. Update the software once, and every user gets updated, making the cloud workspaces maintenance very easy.
  • Virtual WorkSpaces includes an encrypted client application called V2Client (turnkey software) that encrypts all the RDP connections through a secure SSH tunnel. After installing this client software on your local machine, you can securely connect and access the resources hosted on your Cloud Desktop without the fear of ransomware attacks.
  • The quick and responsive Web Connect function on your dashboard makes it seamless to view your cloud desktop through any HTML 5 compatible web browser. This guarantees that you will always have access to your virtual desktop from any device with internet access and a web browser—without having to install software on your machine.
  • Your admin can select which application(s) can be used on each system per user—allowing only accounting to see Quickbooks, or HR to access your HR system, etc. Improves security, plus it can make any commercial or custom desktop application appear as a native and seamless cloud app.


Virtual WorkSpaces is redefining virtual office collaboration:

  • You have the full 360-degree view and control of the Virtual Desktop and can manage all the end users’ desktops from your dashboard so you can provide immediate tech support with just a few clicks.
  • Allows you to share your cloud desktop screen with your colleagues or supervisors without installing third-party software like TeamViewer. It enhances employee engagement, increases productivity and escalates collaboration among teammates.
  • Files of any size can be transferred between end users on the same Virtual WorkSpaces using an inbuilt and secure file sharing system (based on access rights), helping you go paperless and strengthens your data security (since you can limit which files can be saved or accessed remotely).
  • Your business files on your Virtual WorkSpace are kept in sync and up to date across all devices used by the end users. Most importantly no data resides on the end user’s machine since everything is in the cloud. You don’t need Dropbox, Google storage or similar cloud storage for backups because your files are backed up (saved in an offline location) and available for mobile access.
  • Unlike some alternatives, that only allow you to redirect some of your USB devices, Virtual WorkSpaces allows you to redirect ALL your USB devices from a local computer to your Cloud Desktop. Printing directly to your local printer, scanning a documenting to your Virtual Desktop, or using a fingerprint scanner from your cloud workspaces is the same as with your local machine.


Virtual WorkSpaces offers one of the best cloud desktop experiences with the MOST flexible storage, round the clock availability, excellent performance on any device, A/V optimization plus SOLID desktop persistency. It is typically three times faster than alternative systems and you will barely notice that you are using a cloud desktop since the performance is equivalent to that of a physical computer.

  • Your storage allocation can be scaled up or down depending on your needs. Unlike other vendors, that destroy your VM if you switch storage, Virtual WorkSpaces allows you to switch your Virtual Machine’s storage from HDD to SSD (with increased speed) without destroying your existing WorkSpaces. You have unlimited storage options (without disruptions) and you only pay for what you use.
  • You can access your cloud desktop from any device (office PC, Mac, personal laptop, tablet or phone) and still get the same quality experience. The display is responsive and automatically resizes itself to your viewing screen making it easy to implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy within your company. Employees can work from any location on any personal device.
  • Virtual WorkSpaces desktop is persistent, so you can log out of the Virtual Machine from your work PC, sign back in from your home PC or tablet and continue working exactly where you stopped–without the VM reverting to the original state. This helps guarantee you never lose your work as you transition between locations and devices.
  • You can conduct video conferences, online training courses, product demos and sandboxes, and unlimited Webinars from within your dedicated Virtual Machine without patching together several third-party applications (like a built-in Join Me/ GoToMeeting).
  • PC Dynamix makes sure your Virtual WorkSpace is up and running every minute of the day (99.9% uptime GUARANTEED) with 24/7 monitoring. Includes your very own (FREE) fanatical tech support team that is trained to handle the 0.1% issues you might have. Over 70% of our clients never contact support. You can comfortably go about your business knowing that your IT is in good hands.


Moving your operation to Virtual WorkSpaces will grant you freedom from maintaining office-wide security standards, hardware and software upgrades because a team of IT professionals manages your systems. Includes FREE managed services as part of your monthly package.

  • Scale your requirements up or down depending on your needs and only pay for what you need and use.
  • A team of specialists continuously monitor your WorkSpaces ensuring it is optimal and always available. You also have timely memory and storage usage analytics to help you make proactive decisions on scalability and resource allocation.
  • A team of security professionals completely manages the defense and back up of your WorkSpaces with daily back ups (in redundant multiple locations (for disaster recovery)), and behind the scenes data security In the event of a local disaster, your fail-safe system will be up and running within minutes following the incident. In the event of a ransomware attack, your system can be restored quickly so you can quickly return to work.
  • Hardware and software systems upgrades are performed during your non-business hours, so you are the most up-to-date and it doesn’t interfere with your workflow.
  • Once you order your Virtual Machine, the responsibility immediately shifts to PC Dynamix. Unlike other vendors, real humans configure and setup your WorkSpaces and deliver an access link via email within minutes.

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