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Outsourced IT Support

Running a business is no easy task these days. That’s why our clients look to our consultants to relieve the pressure of protecting, managing and securing their data center infrastructure – 24×7.  Our proven expertise extends deep into our Managed Service offerings.

Our managed services offerings help our clients:

  • Manage all levels of data protection
  • Manage virtualized environments
  • Provide robust reporting, data analytics, trending and forecasting
  • Make a smooth transition to hybrid IT

Data Backup & Protection

The worst time to find out your data is not recoverable, is when it has to be.

Data protection is challenging, but the true test is recovery and restore. Let us take the pain out of data protection and architect a cost-effective solution that will simplify how you manage backups and guarantee your data is secure, compliant, and easily recoverable.

We Can Help You:

  • Ensure reliable and fast data, system, and application recovery
  • Automate backups, simplify management, and guarantee recovery in the event of a failure of any size
  • Adhere to stringent regulatory and privacy requirements as well as your company’s specifications

Communication & Collaboration

Unified communications is a methodology that unifies separate modes of communication into a single, combined user experience. Email, text, and voice messaging work seamlessly with live voice, audio and video conferencing, and Web collaboration, in one interface, with “presence” notification to indicate your availability to participate.

  • Unlimited calls, online fax, video conferencing, chat, presence and so much more, unified 100% in the cloud
  • Smartphone and PC apps that extend your office anywhere
  • Encrypted calls. meetings and messages and no data stored on-site to be hacked

Cybersecurity Services

Are you covered? Protect your information and data and improve compliance with a range of services that secure business data and meet regulatory requirements.

  • Get expert testing and an assessment to identify security vulnerabilities and risk.
  • Immediate remediation and ongoing, secure management and maintenance of your network and end user devices.
  • Protect your organization against serious cyber threats.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing is making a big impact on the day-to-day operations and long-term strategies of companies big and small, as they discover the agility, scalability and affordability cloud services provide. Among its many benefits, the cloud can ease administrative functions, free up technical resources, and offer uncompromised reliability.

  • Move your servers and workstations to the cloud and access them from any internet connected device
  • Manage your users rights and permissions not matter where they log in from
  • Eliminate the need for costly infrastructure, maintenance, and upgrades

Professional Services

Have questions? Find answers. Leverage the talents of our experts to resolve complex IT and business challenges.

  • Define your priorities and develop an IT optimization roadmap.
  • Achieve the highest levels of efficiency, manageability and agility for your organization.
  • Transform your technology into a strategic business advantage.

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