At PC Dynamix, we believe there is a better way to use technology. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are earned rather than bought. We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it. We focus on allowing our clients to focus on what makes their business tick while we provide the technology to enable their goals. We're excited to simplify technology for everyone through our People-Friendly philosophy and technical skills.

Our founding

PC Dynamix was founded by George McCracken and Ross Kossuth in 2000. While spending their time supporting some of the worlds largest technology companies, our founders developed our People-Friendly philosophy and customer-service focused product and service delivery. While times and technology have drastically changed, our focus and goals for PC Dynamix have remained steadfast.

The early years

Things were very different in the beginning. George and Ross had aspirations to be the next Dell or Gateway. Our primary business was providing high end PC workstations to businesses, graphic designers, gamers, and other power users. We spent thousands of hours in our basements building each PC by hand and paying attention to even the smallest detail. As our reputation grew, the industry was starting to shift.

Basements become brick and mortar

In 2007, PC Dynamix took it’s first big step into becoming what we are today. We decided to open our first retail location and bring in George’s close friend and college classmate Ken Pryor as a partner. With the opening of our first shop, the official switch was made from being primarily a PC supplier to a technology services organization.

A new leaf

After 10 years, our business shifted toward providing IT and technology services for small and medium businesses. We moved from our retail location to a small office and rebranded with the introduction of our People-Friendly business services. The growth was rapid and challenging. From this point on, we not only honed our service offerings for everyday support but continually added new and additional services to make PC Dynamix a one-stop shop for the modern office.

To Infinity and Beyond!

With our growing service offerings and team, PC Dynamix is poised to become and even bigger player on the technology landscape. We are now three divisions, Business Services, Home Services, and Web Services. What lies ahead? We plan to continue the growth of our current divisions and add a whole new division dedicated to providing services and support to educational institutions. We hope that your team becomes part of the PC Dynamix family and comes along for the next chapter of our story.